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Termite Treatment Services Goomboorian

Termites are masters of destruction! If left unchecked, they can cost thousands in structural damage in your home. Some signs you have a termite infestation in your Goomboorian home are; hollow sounds behind the walls, small pinholes in wood, discoloured patches on walls or ceilings or random piles of sawdust.

Termites can initially stay hidden for a long time. It’s recommended to call us in for a termite inspection when you first notice common signs. We’ve been eradicating termites from Goomboorian homes for over 10 years. With our hi-tech equipment and extreme attention to detail, we can spot termite infestations from a mile away! Call us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Tailored Termite Inspections, Baiting and Treatment Service Goomboorian

No one size fits all when it comes to controlling termites.We tailor our termite inspections and treatment services to each Goomboorian home. To work out what type of treatment an infestation needs can depend on factors like;

  • The species of termite
  • Type of house you live in
  • Whether you’ve had a termite infestation before
  • How long the termites have been in your home
  • Roughly the size of the termite invasion
  • The time of year and soil type

We’ll understand this after attending a consultation in your home. This information allows our expert pest control technicians to offer the right termite treatment services for you.

Why Choose Our Termite Inspections Goomboorian?

We are proud to offer the best, affordable termite inspections in Goomboorian. Being locally owned and operated for over 10 years we have a wealth of experience providing termite barriers and termite baiting. For effective, efficient termite removal, Flexible Termite Solutions are the number one choice.

  • Our services are comprehensive and exhaustive. We won’t stop until we’ve eradicated every termite from your home
  • Costing is up-front and transparent
  • We use the latest hi-tech equipment and pest control methods in the industry
  • We offer a range of pest control treatments and preventative measures
  • Our team is highly skilled with over 10 years in the termite baiting industry