Flexible Termite Solutions Gympie termite services, inspections and treatments

Flexible Termite Solutions is owned and solely operated by Geoffrey Jensen who has over 23 years of experience in the industry providing thorough, affordable and comprehensive termite management services. Based in Gympie, we provide a range of residential termite solutions including both preventative options as well as eradication services to suit your situation and budget.

We specialise in termite control because it requires specialist knowledge and understanding. By focusing on this one area, we can excel and provide a more tailored service – every house is different and our treatment options are flexible to ensure that we can accommodate the specific requirements of each individual case.

Termite Services

Geoff specialises in Termite Services. Experience and Communication is key when:

  • Buying? Prepurchase Reporting that comprehensive, candid, exhaustive and communicative.
  • Regular inspections: All systems warranties Validated. Protecting where Home insurance omits.
  • Got Termites? Experience counts (23 years). Please don’t disturb where possible!

Flexible Solutions and advice to suit your situation and budget

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General Pest Control Services

We provide pest control services for a range of different household pests including:

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