General Pest Control

Gympie Pest Control Services

Flexible Termite Solutions provide a range of general pest control services for Gympie home owners. While we specialise in termite treatments, our team have over 23 years of experience in the pest control industry covering all types of household pests. If you would like to discuss the full range of pest control services that we offer, or would like to request a quote, please get in touch on 0419 73 1151.

Flexible Pest Control Solutions:

There are a huge range of different pest control solutions available on the market – some use baiting techniques while others use chemicals or even traps. Our team are familiar with all the different options and will work with you to tailor our service to your needs – whether you’re asthmatic and require a low or no-chemical option, have pets that might get into the bait or just want to avoid using anything too harsh or toxic in your home environment, we will create a treatment plan to suit your requirements.

All Household Pests:

Just like our termite services, our pest control service is thorough and comprehensive. We start with an inspection of your property to determine the measures that need to be taken and decide the best course of action. We then apply the treatment and any preventative measures if required. Once the treatment has been given some time to take effect, we’ll do a final follow-up inspection to make sure that the job is complete.

Some of the house hold pests that we provide treatments for include:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Wasps
  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Any other household pests

Gympie Pest Control Services

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Pre-purchase Pest and Termite Inspections

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Services in Gympie

Flexible Termite Solutions provide pre-purchase pest inspection services in Gympie and surrounding areas. Our inspections are comprehensive and we provide you with a very detailed report with clear explanations and imagery of any damage or evidence of termites or pests that we discover. With over 23 years of experience in the pest control industry, we have a skilled team who can identify the signs of termite and pest activity where others can’t.

Get in touch with the team at Flexible Termite Solutions today to request more information about our pre-purchase inspections or to book a suitable time for an inspection – call 0419 73 1151.

Comprehensive, detailed and candid

  • Experience: We are effectively  helping you assess the property, Geoff has done literally 1000’s of inspections and knows what matters.
  • Integrity: This is imperative. We work for you rather than for Agent referrals.
  • Technology: Termite Radar, Thermal camera and more.
  • Communication: The reality is that reports are formatted by insurance companies meaning that they’re sometimes challenging to get the sense of. This is where we try and shine. We’ll send you the report then ensure you have every opportunity to discuss it with Geoff to achieve a sense of clarity.

Clear Communication:

We pride ourselves on our clear communication and providing our clients with a thorough understanding of the health of their potential new home.  Pre-purchase reports are designed by insurance companies and can be filled with a lot of legal jargon; at Flexible Termite Solutions, we add in a lot of detail as well as photos to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what is going on behind the walls of your new property.

The Process:

Generally, you will have up to 14 days to organise your building and pest pre-purchase inspections, so it is important that you get in touch with us as quickly as possible to book in an inspection. We’ll send out a team member to will inspect every inch of your new property looking for signs of termites, rodents and other household pests.

We have a variety of tools and equipment that assists us in locating and identifying pest activity, such as movement behind walls or signs of moisture that may indicate termites.

Following the comprehensive inspection, we’ll provide you with a detailed report – we ask that you read though the report and then give us a call to discuss it. We want to make sure that you understand everything in the report and we make ourselves available to discuss any details and answer any questions. If we do find evidence of pest activity then we want to make sure that you understand the extent of the problem and the potential costs associated with the required level of treatment so that you can use that information to negotiate or make an informed decision about the property.

Why Choose Flexible Termite Solutions?

Flexible Termite Solutions have been operating in the pest control industry for over 23 years. We have specialist knowledge that enables us to identify the signs of pest activity that many other providers may miss. Often we are also able to identify specific species and the extent of the infestation (if there is one), which allows us to give you a better understanding of the costs involved in treating the problem.

We pride ourselves on being:

Impartial: You are our client and we are there on your behalf to do our job – we won’t be swayed by the real estate agent or the property seller.

Exhaustive: We are comprehensive; we check every nook and cranny of the property and leave no stone unturned when inspecting for signs of termites and other pests.

Candid: We won’t sugar-coat our findings. We will be clear and communicate to you our findings providing detailed evidence of any damage caused by pests or pest activity that we identify.

Book a Pre-Purchase Pest and Termite Inspection

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Pre-Construction Termite Systems

Pre-Construction Termite Management Systems

Flexible Termite Solutions install pre-construction termite management systems for new residential construction projects. We use an Australian product called TERM-Seal which is flexible, competitively priced and provides both termite protection and moisture protection. Having a termite management system installed during the construction process is one of the best methods available for protecting your new home from termite infestations.

Get in touch with the team at Flexible Termite Solutions to discuss our full range of termite management systems – call 0419 73 1151.

TERM-Seal Termite Management Systems:

We work with an Australian-owned product called TERM-Seal for all our pre-construction services. TERM-Seal compliments our own brand nicely because it is by far one of the most flexible solutions currently available on the market, and can cover most of the different applications required. While other solutions might only be suitable for a certain type of home or slab, TERM-Seal can be applied in a number of different ways.

It is a physical barrier that has a chemical impregnated in it for added protection and it covers all of the most venerable areas of your new house build including:

  • Pipe penetrations
  • The perimeter
  • Control joints in the slab

The Process:

If you would like to organise Flexible Termite Solutions to take care of your pre-construction termite system then start by getting in touch with us on 0419 73 1151. We can usually provide you with an accurate estimate based off your house plans which you can email through to us.

What is a termite management system?

A termite management system is a preventative measure – it is a form of termite barrier that prevents termites from gaining access to your home. They usually come with a warranty that requires annual termite inspections to remain intact – the specific length of the warranty will depend on the brand and manufacturer that you are using.

If you have a termite management system installed, it is not uncommon to still spot termites in your surrounding yard from time to time – it is actually a good sign that the system is working well, because it means that the termites can’t get through your house so they have to go around it.

Gympie Termite Management Systems

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Termite Barriers

Gympie Termite Barriers

Flexible Termite Solutions specialise in applying chemical termite barriers in Gympie and surrounding areas. Termite barriers are one of the best ways to protect your home or property from a termite infestation – they involve creating a non-physical ‘barrier’ of chemicals that prevent termites from gaining access to your property. We recommend that every home have a termite barrier because prevention is always the best solution to a problem.

Chemical barriers are often the best choice for your situation.

  • Effectiveness and longevity: Many houses are simply designed for this style of protection and nothing else would be as effective.

For more information about our termite barriers or to request a quote, please get in touch with Flexible Termite Solutions on 0419 73 1151.

What is the difference between termite barriers and termite baiting?

Baiting is a measure that is usually used when a house already has a termite problem – it involves giving the termites a special toxin which they then carry back to the nests to destroy the colony. A barrier on the other hand is a preventative measure – it acts like a protective shield around your home, stopping the termites from ever gaining access.

We offer both termite barriers and termite baiting options and can help you decide which service is most suitable for your particular circumstances.

How do I know if my termite barrier is working?

A lot of people assume that if they see a termite outside their house that the barrier is not working, but that is often not the case. If you see a termite in your garden or surrounding area then it is likely a sign that the barrier IS working – because the termites can’t access your house due to the chemicals, they have to go around it instead. That being said, we recommend having a yearly termite inspection – it keeps the warranty for your barrier intact and ensures that it continues to work correctly.

Here are best practices when it comes to termite barriers:

  • Regular ( usually annual inspection) is a must with any system.
  • Early detection can save very large uninsured repair bills.
  • Australian Standards recommends at least Annual inspections for the above mentioned reasons
  • Warranty inspections – We are qualified to satisfy all systems requirements.

Chemical Barrier Longevity:

There’s so much more to this than most realise. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Chemical choice –  We don’t use Generic brands for reasons we can explain
  • Application – Proper Soil preparation (digging) application techniques and correct volumes have a huge effect of longevity. This ultimately gives best value for money.
  • Reputation – is important to us. Job done right and finished off neatly = happy clients.

Gympie Termite Barriers

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Termite Baiting

Gympie Termite Baiting Systems

Flexible Termite Solutions specialise in installing termite baiting systems in Gympie and surround areas. We have over 23 years of experience working in the pest control industry and are familiar with all the different termite baiting systems and solutions that are currently available on the market – we have a solid understanding of which systems suit the different species of termites along with the best way to situate the systems to get the desired result.

For more information regarding termite baiting systems or to request a quote, please get in touch with Flexible Termite Solutions on 0419 73 1151

What is a Termite Baiting System?

Termite baiting systems have grown in popularity over the past few years because they focus on destroying the termite nests which is a much more permanent solution than just killing the termites that are in your home. The termites are introduced to the bait – a chemical toxin – that they then carry back to their nest.

Termite baiting systems come in two different forms:

Termite Baiting Stations: These are ‘stations’ that are placed around your property which are then monitored over the space of 12 months. The stations contain the bait which the termites are attracted to and then carry back to their nests, effectively destroying your termite problem at the source. Baiting stations are ideal for scenarios when the location of the nest cannot be identified or if we suspect that there are multiple nests located nearby.

Introducing the Bait Directly: If we can identify the location of the termite nest then we can introduce the toxin or the bait without the need for multiple stations. This is the ideal solution as it is a lot cheaper than setting up multiple stations and is the option that we usually opt for where possible.

Termite Baiting vs Termite Barriers:

Termite baiting systems focus on destroying termite nests while termite barriers act as a protective shield around your home that prevents the termites from gaining access. Often, for homes that have a significant termite problem, we will recommend using both methods – we will use a baiting system to destroy all the surrounding termite nests (there are often more than one) and then we will protect your home from future infestations with a chemical barrier.

Our experienced team will always discuss your different options with you and advise you which option they think will be best suited to your circumstances. While termite baiting is usually highly successful, there are some species of termites as well seasons of the year where baiting is not as effective – if this is the case then we may suggest a different termite treatment or solution for your home.

The Termite Baiting Process:

The process for having termite baiting performed on your property is simple – get in touch with us on 0419 73 1151 and book a suitable time for an inspection. We will then look at how your house is built as well as look for termite activity. If we find activity, we will identify the species and where the termites are located. We will also try to locate the termite nest. Once we have this information we will be able to tell you if baiting is a suitable option for your circumstances and formulate a treatment plan.

Gympie Termite Baiting Services

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Termite Treatments

Gympie Termite Treatment and Services

Flexible Termite Solutions provide Gympie termite treatment and pest control services. Specialising in providing tailored termite treatment options for home owners and residential properties, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge which we have gained from over 23 years of experience in the pest control industry. We tailor all our termite treatment services to suit the specific requirements of your home, ensuring that you get the exact solution you require. For more information regarding our termite treatment services for Gympie homes, please get in touch on 0419 73 1151.

What to do if you find termites:

Here is a quick reference list of things to do:

  • Call us immediately to discuss what you’ve found.
  • Please do not disturb if possible. Our options are much improved when significant numbers are present.
  • Species identification is then possible when termites are present which helps us greatly.
  • Useful Toxicant introduction techniques are then viable.
  • Above all please Don’t panic. A couple of days will make very little difference in any way.

The first thing you need to know if you notice termites is that you shouldn’t disturb anything. Disturbing the termites makes the termites temporarily withdraw, which makes it difficult for us to locate, identify and treat the termite problem. The reason for this is that most termite treatment solutions such as introducing a toxin or dusting work better when there are higher volumes of termites around. The more termites are around the more likely they will carry the toxin back to their nest and destroy the entire colony. If you scare the termites away before we get there then it reduces the chances of the toxin or bait working.

It also helps us to be able to identify which species of termite we are dealing with – certain chemicals and solutions work better on specific termite species, so if we can identify the variety then we can tailor your treatment towards them.

The Termite Treatment Process:

This depends on Termite species, accessibility, building techniques employed etc. A thorough inspection is needed to identify the entry points, the extent of the infestation and all of the above mentioned

A combination of some of the following will likely be needed. It depends on what’s the best fit given the circumstances found.

  • Toxicant introduction
  • Baiting
  • Nest destruction
  • Chemical barrier

The first step in termite treatment is to organise a termite inspection with one of our experienced and professional pest control team members. They’ll look at the way your house has been designed and built, and they’ll also use a variety of tools and methods to identify where the termites are located. We look for signs such as moisture or movement.

Once we have located the termites inside you home, we will try to identify the species as well as locate any nests in your yard or surrounding areas.

We tailor each treatment plan to suit your home, the severity of the infestation, the termite species as well as your budget. Our team are very communicative and will answer any questions that you have about any of the different products or chemicals that we use.

Once the plan has been confirmed, we will start treating your home for termites – this may take multiple visits as we wait for things like bait or toxin introductions to take hold. We also like to do a follow-up inspection for each job so that we can be 100% certain that we have fixed the problem completely.

Gympie Termite Treatments

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Termite Inspections

Gympie Termite Inspections

Flexible Termite Solutions provide comprehensive termite inspections for Gympie homeowners and residential properties. We have over 23 years of experience in the pest control industry and our professional team can locate and identify signs of termite activity that less experienced providers may miss. While we have a range of tools and equipment to help us locate termite activity, our team can often spot the signs simply from the design of your house and how it has been built.

If you would like more information about our termite inspection services, or would like to book a suitable time for an inspection, please get in touch on 0419 73 1151

Comprehensive Termite Inspections:

  • Experience and attitude counts more than all the technology! 23 years (not a large company claim)
  • We check to the boundary or up to 50 meters from the house. (Helps identify the Termite pressure) We also observe risk areas on the structures which allows us to advise on a range of things (some of which the client can do to reduce the likelihood of termite attack).
  • Underneath, perimeters, internal walls and trims, ceiling voids (wherever we can access to be as comprehensive as possible)
  • Technology – we do employ the latest Termatrac (moisture and movement sensor) Thermal camera (useful in numerous situations)
  • Again experience counts the most

If you suspect that your home might have a termite problem then the first step is to get in touch to book an inspection. Try not to disturb the termites too much – if you spray them or try to kill them then they will temporarily retreat, making it more difficult for us to gauge the full extent of the problem when we conduct our inspection.

During your inspection we will locate the termites, how they are accessing your home and also try to identify the species of termite. We will also conduct an inspection of your yard and surrounding area to try and locate the nest.

Following our inspection we will discuss the different treatment options with you and provide you with our recommended course of action – we have a variety of different termite treatment options available including termite baiting, termite barriers, toxin introductions and termite dusting. The best course of action for your property will depend on the extent of the infestation, the specific species, the time of year and your surrounding environment.

Annual Warranty Inspections:

This is something that is very important for all home owners to know:

  • We are qualified to validate ALL new home Termite management systems warranties.

We provide termite management system warranty inspections for all brands and manufacturers. Most termite management systems require annual inspections to maintain their warranties – our team provide comprehensive and impartial inspections to ensure that your system has been installed correctly and is still functioning as it should be.

You do not need to use an authorised brand representative or the same pest control company that installed the management system to do your annual inspections. You just need a qualified and experience pest controller to complete the inspection – in fact, it is often better to use a different provider for the annual checks because they will be impartial and let you know straight away if the original system was not installed correctly or has stopped working.

Gympie Termite Inspections

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