About us

Flexible Termite Solutions is an independent family business. Our owners and founders of Flexible Termite Solutions, Geoff and Jenny Jensen, have been in the pest control business since 1995. In that time, we have helped many Gympie families and businesses with their pest problems.

For most effective termite protection and treatment, Geoff conducted a lot of research and experimented with various detection and elimination methods over the years. Thanks to this hands-on experience with termites, we have gained a wealth of insight into the intriguing and challenging creatures.We will conduct a thorough assessment and determine the best course of action.

At Flexible Termite Solutions, we provide environmentally friendly solutions, with a particular focus on providing techniques that do not aggravate asthma. Having asthmatics in our own family, we are keenly aware of the problems traditional pest control can cause. We have developed methods that will effectively eliminate household pests, but at the same time not pollute the air and allow asthmatics to breathe easy.

To find out more about our services, get advice on pests in your home, or book a free no obligation quote, contact Flexible Termite Solutions today. We service the whole Gympie area.


  1. Do you have experience with termite detection?

    Geoff has been working in the pest control industry and specialising in white ants eradication since 1995. In those years, Flexible Termite Solutions provided services to hundreds of households of Gympie.

  2. How long will a pest control inspection take?

    The length of the inspection will depend on the size of your property and other factors, such as the presence of subfloor areas, ceiling voids and large timber structures and trees around your property. On average, an inspection will take about 1.5 hours.

  3. How much will a barrier cost?

    For honest advice and a realistic price of any termite protection, we will need to assess the size of your property first, as the total cost of treatment and barriers can vary. We offer a free no obligation quote.

  4. Do you accept payment plans?

    Yes. We understand it can be difficult to make a lump sum payment, so we offer very flexible payment plans. Talk to us about an option that suits you.

  5. Do you know the local area?

    Yes. Geoff & Jenny, the founders of Flexible Termite Solutions have lived in the Gympie area for more than 25 years and know the areas and the local species of pests like the back of their hand.

  6. What should I do if I find termites in/near my house?

    If you find termites on your property, do not spray them with over the counter products and try not to disturb them. If you have accidentally disturbed the nest, seal it with a tape, if possible, and call Flexible Termite Solutions. We will come to you as soon as possible to assess the situation and advise on the best treatment.

  7. Why shouldn't I disturb the termites?

    If you disturb the nest, the white ants will retreat to another location, which will make a successful treatment more complicated. Destroying an active working nest provides the best results in eliminating termites.

  8. What technology do you use?

    We use a combination of different modern devices, including a boroscope, termite tracker and moisture meter. But even the use of the most modern technology doesn't guarantee results without experience.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Great local business

We have used a few in the area and these guys always seem to be the most professional. They answer their phones when you call! We recommend them to everyone.

— Georgia

Great job

They are incredibly professional! I recommend them all day, every day, if you want the job done right.

— Jas

Experience and skills

Specialising in termite control, Flexible Termite Solutions have the experience and skills to help you get rid of termites, ants, cockroaches and spiders forever. They have a range of methods and affordable prices, offering flexible payment plans as well. Highly recommended for anyone.

— Olivia

Gympie Region , QLD 4570