For more than 20 years, Flexible Termite Solutions have been providing effective treatments against the infestations of:

  • • Termites
  • • Cockroaches
  • • Fleas
  • • Rodents
  • • Spiders
  • • Wasps
  • • Ants
  • • Silverfish
  • • many other pests

Termite Control

Pre-purchase Inspections

Make sure the property you are looking to buy is constructionally sound and you don't end up with unexpected expenses later down the line! We provide you with a thorough report with photographs and detailed description of all areas that are traditionally at risk of termite infestation, such as subfloor areas, ceiling voids and all surrounding trees and timbers.

Annual Inspection

Prevention and early detection are the best way to protect your property from termites. The Australian Standard recommends you inspect your property for termites at least once a year, as the timber in your home can be substantially damaged by white ants even before you know they are there. In fact, termites cause more destruction to Australian properties annually than fire, flood and tempest combined. Moreover, insurance companies do not offer insurance cover against them, leaving homeowners to carry the burden of any associated expenses themselves.

Safeguard yourself from costly reconstruction or even the loss of your home. Call the experts, who know how to protect your property from white ants.

Termite Solutions

Through experimenting with various methods over the years, we have gained invaluable experience and insight to know exactly what works under different circumstances. We factor in the various aspects of your situation, such as the exact species of the termites, the location of the nest, the number of termites present and the time of the year. Based on these findings, your preference and budget, we will devise a comprehensive solution to effectively eliminate white ants from your home or property.

As a private local company, Flexible Termite Solutions have the flexibility to provide a combination of treatments, some of which are not available when you book with a larger or franchised company. We will always give you only honest appraisals and quotes with no hidden costs. We are also happy to offer a flexible payment plan, if necessary.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are the closest relatives to the white ant. And although cockroaches won't destroy the structure of your home, they are unwelcome inhabitants.

Apart from being unsightly, the common household cockroach lives in drains, septic tanks and similar dark and damp places, where cross-contamination occurs easily. The microbes and bacteria are then transferred with the cockroach into your home, which is certainly not a pleasant thought.

The main issue with cockroaches though is the substance they produce, which is an allergen to most people and can aggravate asthma. Researchers are also exploring whether these airborne particles could cause asthma in small children.

The easiest way to combat this problem is to prevent an infestation by keeping your home clean. Make sure there are no food scraps on the floor, including under large kitchen appliances, such as fridges or stoves, vacuum regularly or remove carpets altogether, if at all possible.

If your home is cockroach infested, the only way you can successfully eliminate them is through a professional pest control company. At Flexible Termite Solutions, we offer modern treatments that will target the problem in an efficient and safe manner. We ensure the method we choose is not going to affect your family or your pets.

Flea Control

If you have a pet at home, the likelihood is your home will become infested with fleas at some point. Even if you don't own a pet — maybe you have recently moved into a new property recently, you might encounter an infestation.

Fleas can stay dormant in their cocoon for several months, until they feel vibrations of a nearby host. And although fleas are species specific, they will attack any host, including people.

To prevent a flea infestation in your home, we recommend reguarly checking your pets and thoroughly vacuuming not only your carpets, but also crevices, cracks and edges. To avoid accidental contamination, carefully dispose of the content of your vacuum cleaner straight away.

In the case of infestation, Flexible Termite Solutions will provide a treatment to the affected areas. To speed up the elimination of fleas entirely, the homeowner might also need to assist in the process, by treating all pets with anti-flea preparations and by creating vibrations in the treated areas to encourage hatching of all the present cocoons.

Rat & Mouse Control

Rats and mice are well adapted to our habitat and to exploiting it. They are a major pest in agriculture, but also pose a serious health risk. Not only they can damage and diminish food storage, they are also a known carrier for many serious diseases, such as salmonella, meningitis and relapsing fever.

Although the danger of contracting a disease from mice is rare, prevention is is the best course of action. Termite Flexible Solutions offer a regular bait placement treatment in areas prone to infestation. We assess the situation and use appropriate control methods that are safe for your family. All our bait stations are strategically placed and fully contained, so they are not accessible to small children and pets. We only use safe amounts of the active agent, so they are harmful to the rodents, but won't harm your dog or cat in the unfortunate case they catch the treated mouse.

Spider Control

Spiders are considered a nuisance and most people want to get rid of them. Just imagine your house getting overrun by thousands of spiderlings! Another good reason to keep your house spider-free is that presence of other species might attract the white-tail spider, who's diet consists mainly of the common black house spider.

If you encounter a spider in your house, don't panic! If you're confident it won't harm you, remove it from your house by using a container and a piece of paper. If unsure of the species, or if you're scared of spiders, call Flexible Termite Solutions.

We will identify the type of spider, assess whether it's just a single occurrence or whether you're facing an infestation and deal with it accordingly. As a precaution to avoid spiders in your house in the future, we recommend treating your property at least twice a year.

Wasp Control

The three main species of wasps to live in a close proximity to people are the European wasps, paper wasp and the mud-daubing wasp. In Gympie, you are unlikely to encounter European wasps, as the climate is too warm. You might find a few cells made of mud under the ceiling or under eaves, or a small paper-like cone-shaped nest hanging off your house, clothesline or trees in your garden.

If you come across any type of wasp in or around your house, do not try to anger it and do not try to remove the nest yourself, as it will sting when provoked, especially when protecting their nest. Wasp stings are very painful and can cause a serious allergic reaction. If you have been stung, apply a cold pack, however, if you have been stung multiple times or you have an allergic reaction, seek a medical help.

To avoid stings, do not remove a wasp nest yourself, call Flexible Termite Solutions. We have extensive experience with treating wasp infestations. We will determine the exact type of wasp, which will enable us to provide appropriate treatment that is safe for your family and the environment.

Ant Control

In Australia, there are over 6,500 species of ants, more than 1,400 are in Queensland alone. Apart from a few species, such as the bulldog ant or the fire ant, that will give you a very painful bite, most species of ants are harmless. They are however a major nuisance, especially if they invade your home.

To prevent an ant infestation in your home, we recommend you properly store all your food, especially sweet foods, such as syrup, honey or jam, as ants are attracted to sugar.

If your house or garden has been overrun by ants, there are several ways to control them by yourself. However, to make sure the whole ant population is eliminated and won't reestablish itself at your property, it is best to call a professional pest control company. Flexible Termite Solutions have many years experience treating various species of ants, internally as well as externally. Our solutions are environmentally friendly and won't harm your family and pets.

Silverfish Control

The unassuming silverfish can be a big problem for your household. Their main diet consists of cellulose, starch and sugar, which means they will literally eat you out of your house. Your clothes, books, cardboard boxes, even your wallpaper, carpet or artwork, nothing is safe!

You can diminish the possibility of silverfish infestation by keeping your house well ventilated and dry, as they thrive in dark, damp places. Vacuuming regularly, including areas that are not used frequently, such as guest rooms, will also help reduce the possibility of infestation.

Flexible Termite Solutions provide a full silverfish treatment, ensuring all affected and susceptible areas are targeted in an efficient and safe way.


At Flexible Termite Solutions, we provide pre-purchase, as well as regular annual inspections throughout Gympie. Unlike most companies who rely solely on thermal imaging, we have a diverse range of modern technologies that are far superior to the Australian Standard for Timber Pest Inspection, including a boroscope, termite tracker and moisture meter.

Household Pests

In addition to termites, we also provide treatments for other unwanted house visitors. Whether you're struggling with a cockroach, ant, flea or rodent infestation, Flexible Termite Solutions will provide an effective method to make your property pest-free.

Asthmatics Breathe Easy

We are keenly aware of the impact pests and pest control have on asthma sufferers. We have developed many efficient techniques that will not affect the air quality in your home, allowing asthmatics to breathe easy. If you need an efficient pest treatment and have asthma sufferer at home, give our team of experts a call today.

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